4 Repair Options for Concrete Driveways

The concrete is a material that you can find in almost every building. It’s a popular material when it comes to constructing different types of structures. This is because concrete is durable and strong enough to withstand wear and tear. One of the uses of concrete is on the driveway. Ideally, it should last for a really long time but there are circumstances that it gets damaged.

The concrete driveway is damaged in many ways. It could experience scaling, settling, discoloration and cracking. There are many reasons as why this happens. The driveway might be exposed too much to severe weather conditions, the concrete is inadequately mixed, the subgrade is improperly compacted or the placement procedure is not correct. If this happens, the first impulse of homeowners is to rip out the concrete and install a new one, but do you know that Concrete contractor Des Moines can repair it.

The following are the repair options that they offer.

1. Slab Jacking

There are times that the concrete driveway has sinking spots. If this happens, it’s because of soil erosion or the subgrade is poorly compacted. The slab jacking procedure is used to raise the slabs of the concrete back to its original position. This is done by pumping a mixture of cement, sand, fly ash and other additives. Slab jacking is the best option if the concrete driveway is already sinking.

2. Concrete Resurfacing

If you notice some scale, cracks or spalls on your concrete driveway, the best way to repair it is through resurfacing. Resurfacing the concrete doesn’t only cover up the flaws the driveway already has, it also improves the overall look of the driveway. The best thing about resurfacing is that you can choose from different pattern and color options. The professionals will remove the unsound concrete first, repair what needs to be repaired so the overlay would have a solid base.

3. Recoloring

If you have your concrete driveway stamped, then you’re lucky because the coloring methods and products used in the stamping procedure are wear-resistant and long-lasting. But if you don’t pay attention to the surface and don’t maintain it, the surface can suffer from discoloration. The discoloration happens because of too much sun exposure, weathering, absorption of oil stains and stubborn grease and the improper application of color. However, you can reapply coating or color to revive its original color. There are also UV-resistant staining products that can maintain the beauty of stamped driveway for many years.

4. Concrete Engraving

If the concrete driveway has minor discoloration or cracking, you can just opt for engraving to disguise the flaws. There are many patterns you can choose from that will contribute to the whole look of the driveway. In this procedure, the surface is stained and then a routing machine is used to achieve the patterns you want. This would create grout lines and patterns that hide the minor cracks in your concrete driveway. This is the best option if the cracks don’t impose major problems.