Easy Steps to Clean your Carpet

As a flooring material, carpet contains many values and edges but stains and spill that come in contact with your precious carpet may leave you with a tedious task. Good to know that there professionals out there who clean carpet, all you need to do is relax and let them do the work.


If you are confident enough that you can accomplish the task of cleaning your carpet at home, here are some tips that could help you.

    Prepare the Room

     Pick up the toys, pieces of papers that might clog the entrance of the vacuum cleaner. Check whether there are some small hard objects like coins and pins under the furniture that could damage the vacuum cleaner.

Windowsills, baseboards, and blinds should be cleaned first so that the falling dust can just be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner. To clean the hard to reach areas, attach a nozzle to the vacuum cleaner. Dust is often collected in the edges of the carpets and it is necessary to remove them first.

In case furniture cannot be moved, the cranny extension will be of great help in reaching under the couches and to remove dust particles in it.

Vacuum the entire room using the correct procedure, the movement should be forward and back and the process will be repeated going right to left. Going both directions ensure that the part of the carpet fibers which are typically twisted will be cleaned thoroughly.

Vacuum the carpet regularly, at least once in a week. If your carpet is visibly dirty and full of pet hair then waiting for another week should be skipped and vacuum it right away.

    Clean the Room

Use white cloth in cleaning your carpet because rags having patterns or have been dyed may transfer its color to the carpet. Paper towels may also be used when white cloth or rags are not around.

Choose the right cleaning solution for your carpet; there are many carpet detergents available in the market. Carpet detergents come in cans or spray bottles to make cleaning a lot easier. Remember that stains caused by bodily fluids such as blood sometimes need special solutions and techniques.

Applying the liquid detergent to small portion of the white cloth and gently blotting the stain is an effective way of cleaning the stain. In carpets, more liquid detergent is not advisable because the soap left in the carpet will attract dirt and may leave a bigger stain.

Allow the carpet to fully dry. Leave the doors and windows open to have a free circulation of air. The air conditioner can be adjusted to moderate setting around 72-78 degrees while leaving the room open. To encourage a faster way of drying, carpet dryers, blowers, dehumifiers, and air movers may be used.

Drying the carpet takes time, around 6-12 hours and during that period it is advisable not to walk on the carpet. When the carpet has dried completely, plastic protectors can be removed.

Assess if the room is not really cleaned, if there are still soap remains in the carpet after drying, it will attract more dirt so it is necessary to completely remove the soap.